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Friday, May 8, 2015

My Sleeping Karma - Moksha

Remember back in like, 2012 or so when instrumental heavy music was all the rage? Whatever happened to those bands? I hope at least some of them have started listening to My Sleeping Karma a band who fuse Eastern mysticism with progressive rock to create something utterly incredible. There is an otherworldly might in the sounds of My Sleeping Karma that have rapidly won them a place in my heart. Iconoclastic and unafraid to craft their own path Moksha sees stellar compositions coming into capture the listeners imagination and guide them into a magical soundworld.

The think that I think makes Moksha so interesting is the sense of forward momentum that these songs have. It's really hard to deny the impetus that these compositions have, their teleological approach is entrancing to say the least. Interestingly, the band choose to put interludes between every set of tracks. Upon first listen this seemed a little bit extraneous, yet as I got a deeper understanding of the record I realized that these interludes actually provide the listener a much needed break from the understated intensity of the main tracks. In some ways it actually reminds me of Swans, until the interludes kick in you don't realize the spiritual heaviness of what you're listening too and it makes the record that much more powerful.

It's easy to find yourself lost in Moksha, in fact I think that's kind of the point. A band who leave you scraping your jaw off the floor Moksha shows that My Sleeping Karma have truly found themselves. There is something meditative about this record, it opens up the third eye and forces you to consider strange new realities that I'm not sure I'm always ready to face. My Sleeping Karma are a truly exciting musical force who defy genre definitions in order to craft something that goes straight into the soul.

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